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Sugar, yeast and yeast nutrient additions


SO2 additions to control spoilage

Acid Adjustments

Additions to increase or decrease total acidity

Fining and Oaking

Additions for greater clarification and character

Blending and Bottling

Modeling blends and approximating bottles required



Welcome to iWinemaker.com, an on-line winemaking resource for beginning and experienced winemakers.

iWinemaker provides basic winemaking information as well as calculators that provide necessary additive measurements.

For the beginning winemaker, iWinemaker provides links to a number of helpful resources and a glossary of common terms used in enology, the practice of making wine.

For winemakers who have moved beyond kits and recipes, iWinemaker calculators provide quick and accurate measurements for key wine making additions like yeast, sulfite, acid and finings as well as a tool for modeling various blends.

All reports provide:

Specific quantities of additives based upon your specific quantities of wine
Additions recommend by weight as well as volume for convenience with both large and small batches of wine
Both metric and English units with corresponding color-coded outputs
Access to underlying formulas for your verification and reference. 

Thank you for visiting iWinemaker.com. Please accept our best wishes for a rewarding vintage.   

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