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Sugar, yeast and yeast nutrient additions


SO2 additions to control spoilage

Acid Adjustments

Additions to increase or decrease total acidity

Fining and Oaking

Additions for greater clarification and character

Blending and Bottling

Modeling blends and approximating bottles required



Winemaking Resources
The following recommendations are not meant to be a comprehensive listing of resources available to the winemaker. Rather, each book, on-line reference, on-line retailer and magazine has been found by the iWinemaker staff to be useful enough to merit a personal recommendation. A collection of links to wine-related sites can be found here.


Cox, Jeff From Vines to Wines: The Complete Guide to Growing Grapes and Making Your Own Wine Storey Publishing, LLC, 1999 (3rd Edition)
From Vines to Wines is one of the better general overviews of the winemaking process. Jeff Cox takes a more prescriptive approach, providing step-by-step guidance with less emphasis on the underlying principles and science of winemaking. For beginning winemakers, From Vines to Wines is an excellent first reference.

Jackisch, Philip Modern Winemaking  Cornell University Press, 1985
If one were to purchase a single winemaking reference, Modern Winemaking would be the right choice. A research chemist and commercial winemaker, Philip Jackisch brings together the chemistry and microbiology of winemaking with the practical expertise born of hands-on experience. His writing style is engaging for both beginning and experienced winemakers. By way of recommendation, it is common to see Jackisch and Modern Winemaking referenced in other winemaking texts.

Margalit, Yair Winery Technology and Operations Handbook  Wine Appreciation Guild,   1990
Winery Technology and Operations Handbook is the ideal reference for the  experienced winemaker, particularly those with commercial aspirations. With a doctorate in chemistry, Yair Margalit provides all the scientific detail most winemakers will ever need. In addition, he provides valuable insight into how one can avoid catastrophic problems and remediate them should they occur. While written for the larger scale winemaker, Margalit's book is an excellent resource for any serious student of the craft.

On-Line References

The Home Winemaker's Manual by Lum Eisenman
The Home Winemaker's Manual is the most comprehensive on line resource for the beginning winemaker that's available on the internet. Lum Eisenman's multi-chapter reference rivals many printed books in terms of breadth and insight. The Home Winemaker's Manual is available at http://home.att.net/~lumeisenman/.

How Winemaking Works by Craig C. Freudenrich, Ph.D.
While not specifically a winemaker's reference, this on-line document in on the popular How Stuff Works website is a quick, easy to read primer on the general principles and practices of commercial and amateur winemaking. How Winemaking Works is available at http://home.howstuffworks.com/winemaking1.htm.

Jim Alexander's Home Wine Making Page
The Home Winemaking Page contains a number of useful articles for the beginning winemaker and links to a variety of other useful references. The Home Winemaking Page can be found at  http://home.comcast.net/~jimalexander2/.

The Winemaking Home Page by Jack Keller
The Winemaking Home Page is an exhaustive collection of articles, links, recipes and recommendations for the home winemaker. This eclectic site covers the craft of making wine from grapes and other plants literally from almonds to zucchinis. The Winemaking Home Page can be found at http://winemaking.jackkeller.net/.

On-Line Retailers

Presque Isle Wine Cellars
Presque Isle Wine Cellars has built an outstanding long-time reputation among amateur and commercial winemakers in the Finger Lakes and Lake Erie appellations in New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. They bring their comprehensive inventory of winemaking equipment and supplies, helpful, friendly service and invaluable experience to their on-line catalog which serves the needs of the smallest amateur batches through commercial operations. The Presque Isle on-line catalog provides a wealth of pithy, practical advice and can be found at www.piwines.com.


Vineyard and Winery Management
Written for the commercial vineyard or winery owner (particularly in the eastern United States and Canada), Vineyard and Winery Management magazine is an in depth publication for the most serious of winemakers. While much of the content will not be applicable to amateur winemaking, it is often interesting for those with commercial aspirations or those who simply want to better understand the economics and logistics of grape growing and winemaking. Subscription information and a sampling of content can be found at www.vwm-online.com.

As their tagline, "Creating Your Own Great Wines" suggests, WineMaker magazine is written for the avid amateur winemaker. Published six times per year, WineMaker provides seasonally relevant features and columns. Their varied advertisements serve as an up-to-date "wish book" for the winemaker. WineMaker is available at many newsstands and winemaking shops. Subscription information and a sampling of content can be found at www.winemakermag.com.


Bar and Wine Accessories - BarParts.com Offering a variety of wine accessories, decanters, waiter's corkscrews, wine stoppers, wine glasses, wine gift sets for wine lovers, and much more.

Bluewine.com A wine and spirits internet portal

Fine Wine Accessories Wine gifts and accessories to suit all budgets

HeartsHomeBrew.com An on-line provider of home winemaking equipment and supplies

Local Wine Events.com The worlds leading Food and Wine tasting calendar. Post your own event or sign up to be notified when new events are posted to your area.

M2 Vintners A vineyard site that provides a lot of well-written process detail with well done  graphics and photographs.

Premium Wine of the Month Club Each month, our premium wine club members receive international selections from two separate award-winning boutique vineyards.

The Uncorked Cellar  Excellent wine information and wine collector software

The Vine Store A wide variety of premium wooden and metal wine racks for retail and home use with nationwide shipping available.

Wine - Wine articles and resources.

Wine Furniture Racks - Complement your wine cellar or tasting room with the furniture grade finishes on our wine racks

Wine Organizer Deluxe Simple and easy to use wine Software for Wine Collectors

WineBase for Windows The ultimate cellar management and wine reference software

Winebyphone.com  Fine Wines for sale on line or by phone

Wineware Racks and Accessories Ltd. Wine glasses, bottle racks and other accessories

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